Take hold of your thoughts

HOLD is the first app that helps you self-reflect by chatting with yourself.

It is your personal space to let out whatever is on your mind and relax knowing everything is stored safely in HOLD. It helps you structure your thoughts so that whatever time you can give to self-reflection it is more effective. When you need to think, make it count.

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A conversation with yourself

‘HOLD’, helps you think clearly by encouraging you to take both sides of your conversation, helping you structure your thinking and make sense of your own advice.

Build on your conversations

Everything you say or write is stored safely in your library where you can look back on how your mood was at the time and respond to past entries using Hold's reflection tools.

Create collections

You can group together similar conversations in collections, listen back to them all together, and use HOLD's reviewing tools to find your patterns and understand the meanings.

It makes it seem more as if you are speaking with someone else, and not just back and forth to yourself.

Ella, 22

What I hadn’t realised, is the answer is there and within me, and it’s within my ability to fix and to sort out.

Liam, 31

It was useful to keep a record of my thoughts. I had never written things down before but I like it. I learned that I can analyse why I feel a certain way each day depending on what happened. It allows me to see what I have positive reactions to and vice versa.

Rick, 21

A personal space no one can access

HOLD is a safe environment where you can take time to talk and learn about yourself.
We ensure that all the information you enter in the App is only stored on your phone and will never be shared with anyone.

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