Psychology x Design

HOLD was constructed at the interface of Academic Psychology and Design, the science behind the app is therefore taken from both theory and practice. The app is designed to overcome the typical barriers to self-reflection and developed with technological innovations that offer the user a self-reflection space that is dynamic, easy-to-use and personalised.

Barriers to self-reflection

Research found that the three main reasons for avoiding conscious self-reflection are because it is perceived as being: emotionally challenging, ineffective and stigmatised or embarrassing.

HOLD’s antidote to the fear and pressure sometimes associated with self-reflection is in its carefully constructed ease of usage, user-defined content and central belief that there is no right or wrong, it is just a space to HOLD your thoughts. 
The app guides you to return to your reflections, which allows quicker and easier identification of what is important to you and your life and what may need maintaining or changing. 
The pragmatic, intellectual approach of the app encourages users to drop the stigmas and stereotypes and properly engage with a self-reflection practice as an effective tool for health and happiness.

A Personalised Space

Further research showed that for self-reflection practice to be effective the conditions and methods of self-reflection have to match the highly individual needs and personality of the user.

HOLD is uniquely created by you. It is you who decides the content and the style of the self-reflection conversation you create and how you reflect and review these conversations. HOLD allows you to be as light-hearted or deeply insightful as you need to be. As you progress through the app, the content will increasingly reflect the thoughts that are most often on your mind and in your body.

Hear Yourself

Service-design research confirmed the need to have a multi-modal app that can dynamically shift between writing/talking and reading/listening.

HOLD‘s listen-back function allows you to listen to the thoughts you created being read back in a range of voices. This uniquely alerts your mind as you remember making the words and the meaning behind them, but you are driven to pay unique attention to the sound of another voice saying your thoughts. This effectively returns you to a critical-thinking, meta-cognitive space allowing you to self-reflect even further.
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